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 "Cardtoons", just a little bit of Artwork by Brad W. Foster........

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Now here's something a little different. They look and feel, and are the same size, as fancy raised-lettering business cards. But they have either odd cartoons, or odd business names that, in some cases, you hope don't actually exist. It's certainly art (maybe), but it's so tiny! And they're numbered, like a collectible series.... what's going on here?

It's "Cardtoons".

Created by artist Brad Foster in the late nineties when, in the midst of a financial crush (one in a series, collect them all!) he went into a panic. After years of working as a freelance artist and small publisher, he actually tried to go out into the world and get a "real" job. (You know, where you show up at predetermined places for predetermined periods of time, and get a predetermined amount of money at the end of the week? Pretty much the opposite in every way from how he had been running his life up to that point.) Ending up at a business card printing company, his job was to re-create card designs on the computer in preparation for printing. Or, if he was lucky, get to design something brand new. Yep, pretty much as boring as it sounds, but there was that regularly appearing "predetermined amount of money" each week that made it a bit more appealing at the time!

Anyway, being genetically unable not to screw around with things and see if he can't do something different with them, on his lunch hour he took to accessing the computer clip-art files, and playing around with them to make up little cartoons and cards for his own amusement, before having to face another afternoon of boring card reproduction work for plumbers and insurance agents. Whenever the printers had a "gap" in their sequence of production (way too technical to explain here!), he'd pull up one of his goofy files and put it into the production pipeline, and end up with a box of business-card shaped little... well... call them "Cardtoons". Before he left he had created 33 Cardtoons: 29 designs, along with 4 variants done to play with some opportunities to use color. Passed out to friends, or dropped off when the whim hits in "put your business card" here bowls at stores and restaurants, they mostly have been sitting in storage in the back of his studio. Until now!

Pricing Info for Cardtoons.
   Each card is standard 2 x 3 1/2", most are black ink on white, though as you can see, some use color inks, or are on decorative stock. All the lettering is raised slightly, like high-class biz cards!
   This is the first time they are being officially offered for sale. A single card is a single buck, but you can get the complete set of 33 for $5.00. Why the strange pricing? Because I'd rather you get the complete set than a single tiny image, and I'll give you the best price for all-at-once.
   For those who really like only a single card, and indeed, want to have a bunch to pass out as if they were real biz cards, you can also order a minimum of a dozen copies of any single design for just $3.00.
   Click to the Order Form and get a set today, and have something different to pass out at your next executive board meeting!

Cardtoon-1 Cardtoon-2 Cardtoon-3
#1: Sloppy Aliens #2: The Crustacean Cafe #3: A Cautionary Tale
Cardtoon-4 Cardtoon-5 Cardtoon-6
#4: Cosmic Radiation & Ants #5: Getting to the Point #6: Floral Face & the Flower Heads
Cardtoon-7 Cardtoon-8 Cardtoon-9
#7: The Big Dripper #8: Lobster Trampoline Act #9: Mega-Mandala Madness
Cardtoon-9A Cardtoon-9B Cardtoon-9C
#9-A: Mega-Mandala Madness (variant - 1) #9-B: Mega-Mandala Madness (variant - 2) #9-C: Mega-Mandala Madness (variant - 3)
Cardtoon-9D Cardtoon-10 Cardtoon-11
#9-D: Mega-Mandala Madness (variant - 4) #10: The Mighty Fluffy #11: Great Moments in Bad Design
Cardtoon-12 Cardtoon-13 Cardtoon-14
#12: Too many "Truths"... #13: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #14: Mandatory Eyewash Station (Russian)(?)
Cardtoon-15 Cardtoon-16 Cardtoon-17
#15: Clown Circus of Thoughtless Horrors! #16: Ye Olde Computer Sweeper #17: Mobile Shower Fleet
Cardtoon-18 Cardtoon-19 Cardtoon-20
#18: World Global Domination International (LTD) #19: N.G.F.C.C.P.W.E.C.U.S.A. #20: Texas Brag Farms
Cardtoon-21 Cardtoon-22 Cardtoon-23
#21: The SMUT Brothers #22: Psychic Psally #23: The Man, Inc.
Cardtoon-24 Cardtoon-25 Cardtoon-26
#24: Fist O' God Industries #25: International Association of Pen & Ink Artists #26: Biohazard Brand   Coffee Pots
Cardtoon-27 Cardtoon-28 Cardtoon-29
#27: Tree Huggers United #28: Brain Tap #29: Clones Are Us

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