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Welcome to the biggest section of the Jabberwocky Graphix website, the complete listing of Brad Foster's various prints, reproduction and poster offerings, with over 100 pieces, and still growing! By the way, if you know the title of the piece you want, save some time and click The Alphabetical Title List, which will take you to an easy to scroll list, each title linked to its page. Or, if you want to see a thumbnail of every print image on a single page to browse through, you can go to the Complete Prints Gallery page. Otherwise, we've broken things down into nine sub-categories here to check out:

    Argent Park is Brad's most personal work, images from an entire world where the flora and fauna are all forms of living, jeweled metal! Elegant and amazing, and only found here.
    Animals and Birds While there are plenty of animal images in other categories (especially in Argent Park and Cats), these are some of the critters that don't fit easily into other categories, plus a collection of birds in one place.
    Charwhimble Valley Is another complete world, this one populated by anthropomorphic creatures, and the images are more story oriented, part of an ongoing series of ideas that Brad and his wife Cindy hope to develop into books down the line. Get these early, before the rush!
    Cats, Big & Small Brad is currently owned by three cats (and that's not counting the ones that hang around outside), so he is required by law to create cat art. Check out this page of purrs.
    Dragons & Fantasy Folks Lots of pictures of dragons, big and small. (Now where have I just heard that?)along with mermaids, wizards, vampires, and even the Jabberwock itself!!
    Library & Book Art If you like books, you might also like art about books. A variety of images, including the single most popular print Brad has ever produced, "The Athenaeum": an endless library with a copy of every book that has ever been published!
    Women: Beauty & Pin-Up Women with cats. Women with swords. Women with fins. Heck, Brad will take any excuse he can to draw a picture of a lovely lady.(Note: contains some nudity.)
    Music Art I've noticed musical themes popping up in many areas of my art, so I've collected those various pieces here in one place. Come listen to the drawings!
    Christmas Themes I've done the full 12 Days of Christmas in detailed "Argent" style, plus other elegant and humorous takes on Christmas. That's all here.
    Science Fiction & Misc. Art Even with all of the above, there are still plenty of images that could only end up here. Plus various Science Fiction related pieces, not enough for their own category, but still almost a subset! If you've not found what you want yet, browse here for the rest of the best.

By the way, there are a number of images that are listed under more than one heading, in an attempt to help you find the image you want that much easier. And you're very welcome.

The land of living metal. Animals and birds of a more realistic (and not) style. Teddy bears, cats, dragons all living in a fantasy world of fun.Cat artwork, color and black & white Dragons, faeries, mermaids, vampires, it's all in here.
Argent Park Animals and Birds Charwhimble Valley Cats, Big & Small Dragons & Fantasy Folks
Like books? Then you need some book art! Women are a favorite artistic subject. Sound captured in line. Art with Christmas themes, both funny and elegant Science Fiction and the misc subjects.
Library &
Book Art
Women: Beauty &
Music Art Christmas Themes Science Fiction and Misc. Art

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The Official Stuff! Jabberwocky Graphix.com, Brad W. Foster, all art, words, images and such like stuff contained anywhere and everywhere on this site are copyright Brad W Foster, who would really appreciate it if you didn't copy this stuff anywhere else without asking him about it first, since this is how he tries to makes a living, so if you like his stuff and want to see him create even more, you'll not spread around the stuff already done for free. How's that? You can always write Brad anytime at jabberwocky2000@hotmail.com with any questions. Oh, and you can click here for my thoughts on the whole copyright thing!