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    Designs, illustrations, logos, posters, portraits, fantasy art, tattoo designs, cd covers, cartoons, comic books, animal, vegetable, mineral....something for everyone, something for your own private collection...if you've got an idea, I can probably draw it up for you!

    If you look around this site you'll find hundreds of examples of the various styles of art that I work in. But don't feel limited by thinking you can only ask for something I've already drawn. Some of my favorite commissions have been things that people asked me to create that I would never have thought of drawing on my own, and which became a new artistic challenge to complete. So write with your ideas!
    Prices will range from the reasonable to the nearly outrageous, depending on if your art request is reasonable or outrageous. By the by, if you like the look of the jabbewockygraphix.com site here, I also typed up all this code by my little lonesome self. So I might as well toss my hat in the ring as a web designer as well, if you're looking for that.

    At this time I am still working on getting the whole website together, so I'm only going to put a couple of quick samples here, and trust the rest of the site will work as my portfolio. Down the line I'll put up a fuller look at logo designs, illustrations, etc as samples. In the meantime, you can always write to jabberwocky2000@hotmail.com and put something like "Commission Art" in the subject line, and let me know what you are looking for.

~ Book & Magazine Covers ~
The Black Nebula cover
"The Black Nebula"
Zumaya Press
cover art *PPFSZT! #37
"Mecha Moby and Ahab"
cover art *PPFSZT! #37
The Secret of My-Myst cover
"The Secret of My-Myst"
Zumaya Press
The Anthology from Hell cover
"The Anthology from Hell"
Yard Dog Press
Archon 35 Program Book cover
"Archon 35 Program Book"
Archon - St. Louis, MO
Rupert Starbright: Door to Far-Myst cover
"Rupert Starbright: Door to Far-Myst"
Zumaya Press
Dancing With the Velvet Lizard cover
"Dancing With the Velvet Lizard"
Zumaya Press
Please, Sir, May I Have Some More? cover
"Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?"
Rhonda Eudaly
I Should Have Stayed In OZ cover
"I Should Have Stayed In OZ"
Yard Dog Press
In the Sea Nymph's Lair cover
"In the Sea Nymph's Lair"
Zumaya Press
ConDFW 10 Program Book cover
"ConDFW 10 Program Book"
ConDFW - Dallas, TX
Follow That Mouse cover
"Follow That Mouse"
Wire Rim Books
When Party's Over cover
"When the Party's Over"
Rhonda Eudaly
The Tenth Orbit cover
"The Tenth Orbit"
Altered Dimensions
Legends of Lone Wolf cover art
"Legends of Lone Wolf"
Dark Quest
The Genetic Menace cover
"The Genetic Menace"
Zumaya Press
ApolloCon Program Book cover art
Program Book"

ApolloCon - Houston, TX
Dark Star
Beam cover art
Beam magazine
Bride of Tranquility cover art
"Bride of Tranquility"
Yard Dog Press
Ogre Castle cover
"Ogre Castle"
Zumaya Press
Jaguar Moon cover art
"Jaguar Moon"
Yard Dog Press
Alien Death Fleet cover
"Alien Death Fleet"
Zumaya Press
Head! cover
Head! Magazine
The MonkeyGiving Cookbook cover art
"The MonkeyGiving

Dellwood Press
Fairy BrewHaHa cover art
"Fairy BrewHaHa"
Yard Dog Press
Askance cover art
Askance Magazine
SoonerCon Program Book cover
"SoonerCon Program Book"
SoonerCon, OK
Drink Tank cover
"Drink Tank "
Drink Tank on-line zine

~ Black and White Illustration ~
The Gift
"The Gift"
Space & Time Magazine
pen and ink
Pirate Jester
"Pirate Jester"
Space & Time Magazine
pen and ink
Behind the Eyes

"Behind the Eyes"
Space & Time Magazine
pen and ink

H.P. Lovecraft
"H.P. Lovecraft"
pen and ink
The Big E
"The Big E"
pen and ink
Edgar Allen Poe

"Edgar Allen Poe"
pen and ink

Thunder Dog
"Thunder Dog"
Talebone Magazine
pen and ink
From Accident, Inspiration
"From Accident, Inspiration"
It Goes On The Shelf Magazine
pen and ink

inks, digital shading

Worms In The Earth
"Worms In The Earth"
Flashing Swords Magazine
pen and ink
Promised Land
"Promised Land"
Flashing Swords Magazine
pen and ink
Dragon Fire

"Dragon Fire"
Flashing Swords Magazine
pen and ink

~ Cartoons & Humor ~
Halloween Family
"Halloween Family"
pen and ink
Reindeer Gremlin
"Reindeer Gremlin"
inks, digital color

inks, digital shading

Moon Dog
"Moon Dog"
inks, digital color
inks, digital color
Love's Flaming Pages

"Love's Flaming Pages"
inks, digital color

Junior Mad Scientist Science Fair
"Junior Mad Scientist
Science Fair"

pen and ink
Why Green Tea is Green
"Why Green Tea is Green"
inks, digital color
Bunny Sphinx

"Bunny Sphinx"
pen and ink

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