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Here I am wondering why my tent is so darned empty of customers!

    Every once in a while I do manage to get out of the studio, and bring along a few samples of my art and 'zines to art festivals and conventions around the country. Below is a list of the upcoming events I'm confirmed to appear at, with links to their sites for more information, where available. As well, if you're interested in a more historical perspective, you can click here for information on past shows, with photos and other nifty stuff.
    If you would like to receive an email notice when I will be at an event in your own neck of the woods, just go to the Contact Info and Mail List page. Note in the comment field you'd like to get an email notice of such events, and make sure to at the very least give me your name, email address , state and zip code. We'll use the state and zip code to help us know when we will be nearby, and send you an update note when we know we'll be there. You can then either come and visit in person, or will at least be warned to avoid that area should you wish!
North Texas Irish Festival
March 3 - 5 / 2017
North Texas Irish Festival
Dallas, TX     —    www.ntif.org
Music and Arts Festival
   One of the largest Celtic cultural events in the nation, and the main focus here is, of course, on all things Irish. There are dozens of world-famous bands, award-winning dancers, story tellers and workshops. Grab a stein of beer and wander the hundreds of displays, and drop by my booth as well. While I'm not Irish-heavy as far as the subject matter of my artwork, they are kind enough to let me in due to my dragons and other fantasy stuff. And there have been more artists slipping into the show each year recently, so stop by and check us out!

South Side Art Walk and Open Studios
March 25 / 2017
South Side Art Walk and Open Studios
Dallas, TX     —    www.southsideartwalk.com
Arts and Music Event
   This is a brand new event here in Dallas. The South Side Art Walk and Open Studios is centered around community and creativity. Come stroll the Artist Quarter at South Side on Lamar in the historic Sears building and discover a myriad of artists and talents while bobbing you head to the fresh sounds of DJ Frances Jaye and sipping a delicious beverage from Checkered Past Winery or Opening Bell Coffee. The artists will be out on the one day from 4 to 8 PM, but the sounds and drinks will continue beyond that!.

Arts In The Square
April 1 & 2 / 2017
Arts In The Square
Frisco, TX     —    friscosquare.com/aits/
Juried Arts and Music Festival
   I'll be moving my tent to the Frisco Square at the beginning of April this year, bringing in new pieces as well as old favorites in a new venue for me. This looks to be a lovely location, and will kick off our Spring art festival events. I've not done this one before, so come explore it with me, and take home something lovely for the wall-- or get that robot-portrait of yourself you've always been wanting!

Arts in Bloom
April 7 - 9 / 2017
Arts in Bloom
McKinney, TX     —    www.mckinneytexas.org/index.aspx?NID=687
Juried Arts Festival
   I did this event in McKinney for the first time last year, and had a great time in a beautiful location. It was only held for a single day in 2016, but for this year they have moved it up to full-blown full weekend festival status. And, if you need more than being able to stroll among a group of wonderful artists (and isn't that usually enough?), thre will be music, food, children's activites, a huge tented wine garden, and much more for a wonderful Spring outing. Come on by!

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival
April 28 - 30, 2017
Denton Arts & Jazz Festival
Denton, TX     —    www.dentonjazzfest.com
Juried Music and Arts Festival
   Held in the Denton Civic Center Park in the heart of downtown Denton, this music and art event is free to the public. Six stages feature jazz, blues and "cross-cultural" music. This is one of my favorite events to do in the North Texas area every year, and I'll be setting up my display inside the main civic center building again, so come in and enjoy the art and the airconditioning! Around 160 artists and crafters offer a wide range of art and styles. There's a large outdoor kids section, food everywhere, and tons of music all day and into the night. Check out their website for more information on the headliner acts they'll be bringing in!

Art on the Greene
26 - 28 / 2017
Art On the Greene
Arlington, TX     —    www.artonthegreene.com
Juried Arts Festival
   I'll be setting up my full display once more at the 6th annual Art on the Greene event. This year it will be over the Memorial Day Weekend, so why not enjoy part of your time off here, a free 3 day arts festival located in Richard Greene Linear Park, between The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and Cowboys Stadium. (The Park is also the home of the Caelum Moor Sculptures by Artist Norm Hines.) It's a beautiful spot for a festival. This is one of my favorites to do in the area, and I hope you can come out and enjoy it as well. Located right in the middle of the DFW metro area, come on by any of the three days to check it all out!

A-Kon logo
June 8 - 11 / 2017
A-Kon 28
Dallas, TX     —    a-kon.com
Anime convention
   The A-Kon artist alley went from a first-come, first-served free for all sign-up, to a judged and juried show this year. So I was pleased to have been juried in at around the 49th spot out of 300 artists chosen from a pool of almost 1,000. Always a fun show to do, huge crowds, and happy to be able to return again this year. Not only was the criteria for artists getting in changed, but so has the location of the convention. Having been in various spots in Dallas as it grew larger and larger, it looks like it is even bigger once more, and has had to move over to the Ft. Worth Convention Center to hold all the anime and manga fun and games! Check out their website for full details, and come join in on all the fun.

23 - 25 / 2017
SoonerCon 26
Oklahoma City, OK     —    www.soonercon.com
Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
   Awright, heading back up to Oklahoma City again for another Soonercon! This time I'm going to be setting up in the main flow of action in the artist alley, just outside the dealers room. Oh, and if my being there isn't enough, then you should come to check out some of their guests like literary GoH Timothy Zahn, and Artist GoH Peri Charlifu, along with literally dozens of other artists, writers, and other creative folks in the science fiction and fantasy field. They are at the Reed Center, just a few miles from downtown OKC. Easy access, affordable dining, and free parking. Yay! Come say hi and have a great time.

Armadillocon 39
August 4 - 6, 2017
Armadillocon 39
Austin, TX     —    www.armadillocon.org
Science Fiction Convention
    Back to ArmadilloCon, the convention that will not hold still! This year they have moved the date to a bit later in the summer, the first weekend in August. I think they keep trying to avoid me, but I track them down every time! We'll be packing up a good selection of artworks to bring, both new and old, plus a pile of books from our collection to sell at unbelievable low prices! Multiple plumbing and surgey bills from 2016 mean you get great bargains! Always lots of fine writers and artists to get up close and personal with, panels, music, costume contest, and room parties every night. Come on and have a great time!

FenCon XIV
22 - 24 / 2017
FenCon XIV
Dallas, TX     —    www.fencon.org/
Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
   Wrapping up the 2017 convention season for us, we'll be back at FenCon with both artworks old and new, a selection of interesting books, and maybe even a couple of toy robots I've finally managed to part with. But, if that is not enough (and it should be!), they will again be bringing in a slate of writers, artists, musicians, and all kinds of creative folks as guests. For myself, having the amazing Tom Kidd as the artist GoH would be enough, but you might also be interested in meeting such creative folks as Kevin J. Anderson, Ben Yalow, Selina Rosen, J.R. Honeycutt, Vixy and Tony, Leslie Hudson, Cat Rambo, and (as of the typing of this note) the ever mystrious "TBA"!

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