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Here I am wondering why my tent is so darned empty of customers!

    Every once in a while I do manage to get out of the studio, and bring along a few samples of my art and 'zines to art festivals and conventions around the country. Below is a list of the upcoming events I'm confirmed to appear at, with links to their sites for more information, where available. As well, if you're interested in a more historical perspective, you can click here for information on past shows, with photos and other nifty stuff.
    If you would like to receive an email notice when I will be at an event in your own neck of the woods, just go to the Contact Info and Mail List page. Note in the comment field you'd like to get an email notice of such events, and make sure to at the very least give me your name, email address , state and zip code. We'll use the state and zip code to help us know when we will be nearby, and send you an update note when we know we'll be there. You can then either come and visit in person, or will at least be warned to avoid that area should you wish!

Houston Cat Show 2018
11, 12 / 2020
Houston Cat Club 65th Annual Charity Cat Show
Houston, TX     —    www.houstoncatclub.org
Cat Show
    I won't have a new poster design for the show this year, but I will be back with my full display of arts and such to browse, and be checking out all the gorgeous cats myself when not in the booth. One of the few times we get back to the Houston area these days, so come on by and see what's new. (Also, note the event is now one week later in January than it usually runs.)

North Texas Comic Book Show logo
February 15, 16 / 2020
North Texas Comic Book Show
Irving, TX     —    www.comicbooksdallas.com
comicbook convention
    This is a nice little local comicbook convention. Not too small, not too big, plenty of artists, and plenty of people selling actual comicbooks! If you are aware of my solo comic "Mechthings", or the work I did as the "Big Background Artist" on Image Comic's "Shadowhawk" series, or the other odd little comics and minis and whatnot publications I've been in over the years, then you'll know I've got the credentials to at least get my toe in the door! As with last time, I'll be bringing a selection of a lot of those odd comics and stuff, along with the usual piles of art prints and drawings to check out, andmaybe some surprise items from the vault.. And, if my being there is not enough (though it should be!), check their website for the long list of big-name Comic Book Pro's who will be attenidng as well. I'm not proud-- whatever reason you find for coming, come on down!

Funky Finds Spring Fling
March 14, 15 / 2020
Funky Finds Spring Fling
Ft. Worth, TX     —    funkyfinds.com/spring.html
A Handmade Arts and Crafts Event
   This is the 12th annual Funky Finds Spring Show in Ft. Worth, a show I always have fun at, and the mix of exhibitors here is, indeed, funky. Very different than most of what I call the "big-painting" art festivals. If you're in the Ft. Worth area, this will be in the Small Exhibits Building at the Will Rogers Memorial Center near downtown, and will feature over 100 different artists and crafters. And, if you need more reason to come down, in past years there were a couple of other events going on at the same at the Center, including a way-cool "antiques/junk/garage-sale" type event next door to us that I had a blast rummaging around in myself. So, I guess you could say- come for the art, stay for the junk!

Pancakes & Booze Art Show logo
April 4 / 2020
Pancakes & Booze Art Show
Dallas, TX     —    www.pancakesandbooze.com/dallas
One Day Art Event
   Ready for another evening of music booze, pancakes, and a mix of some of the funkiest and most interesting local Dallas artists? Then come out to the Deep Ellum Art Company for all the art weirdness. There will be close to a hundred artists showing some strange and wonderful work to view and take home. There's the bar, the music, and, of course, the FREE PANCAKES! How can you pass it by? We're moving back to the Deep Ellum Art Co, with both indoor and outdoor exchibit space, and the doors of The DEA Co. will open to the public that evening at 8:00 PM, and it will run to late-night 2:00 AM. Crawling the club-scene in Deep Ellum? Drop on in. This is a 21+ event, with tickets going for $7 in advance, or $10 at the door. (and free pancakes!)

Vandergriff Art Festival
May 1 - 3 / 2020
Vandergriff Art Festival
Arlington, TX     —    vandergriffartfestival.com
Juried Arts Festival
   After years of making their home in Art On the Greene next to the Cowboys and Rangers stadiums in Arlington, it looks like construction in that area has kicked us out of the park there for a while... and into another park! Yep, come on down to Vandergriff Park for the inaugural/continuation of a fine tradition of Arlington park art fests! You'll find a lot of your old favorite artists (like, of course, me!) as well as new creative folks to check out. Free parking, free admission to the event, a variety of arts to ooh and ahh over, plus music, food, wine tasting: how can you go wrong for a spring weekend out?

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