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"Relaxed But Attentive"     copyright Brad W Foster 1988

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Relaxed But Attentive

Relaxed But Attentive

--PRINT ONLY, PRICE-- $10.00

--PRINT IMAGE SIZE--approx 10" X 7 1/2" (w x h)
--PRINT PAPER SIZE-- 11" X 8 1/2" (w x h)
--MATTED SIZE-- 14" X 11" (w x h)

The amazing thing about cats (well, one of the amazing things!) is they can look like they are totally asleep, only to suddenly leap to instant activity at the slightest sound or movement around them. If only I could get out of bed in the morning with that much concentration! The tuxedo-cat here is at that in-between stage I like to call the "Zen Cat", where they look to be dozing off, but are still acutely aware of all that is going on around them, just waiting for something interesting to happen.

--Info on the printing process, plus care & feeding instructions--
This is an open-edition print, created from a film negative made directly from the original pen and ink artwork, then retouched by the artist, and printed by offset lithography on Cougar-white paper stock. Mounting and matting materials are either low-acid or acid-free. To maintain the quality of this work, do not display it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, or to extremes of temperature or humidity. I also recommend that you look at it once it is up on your wall (at least six times a week is considered the minimum), or else it will get sad and lonely, and the tear-stains will make it look less attractive.

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