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So many books, so little time. So, what the heck am I doing writing this interminable list when I should be READING???
Reading List 2001
23,122 pgs
Reading List 2002
20,767 pgs
Reading List 2003
24,050 pgs
Reading List 2004
21,653 pgs
Reading List 2005
24,846 pgs
Reading List 2006
21,436 pgs
Reading List 2007
22,268 pgs
Reading List 2008
30,900 pgs
Reading List 2009
29.878 pgs
Reading List 2010
23,946 pgs
Reading List 2011
24,133 pgs
Reading List 2012
22,319 pgs
Reading List 2013
22,412 pgs
Reading List 2014
21,248 pgs
Reading List 2015
19,081 pgs
Reading List 2016
14,060 pgs
Reading List 2017
17,801 pgs
Reading List 2018
17,033 pgs
Reading List 2019
12,201 pgs
Reading List 2020
11,685 pgs
Reading List 2021
11,114 pgs
Reading List 2022
15,112 pgs
Reading List 2023
12,497 pgs
Reading List 2024

    If you're curious, or simply nosey, this section is a listing of the books I've been reading lately. My reading habits tend to be all over the map as far as genre, and I also seem to have the retention ability of a screen door with the screens ripped out, and the door held open. So, more to the point, this list helps me to remember what books I've read so I don't end up buying them again. Wow, using the internet to store extra memory, how futuristic can you get?
     Now, enjoy! (Oh, and feel free to send me free books. No pressure, just a suggestion... )
~ 2020 ~

    January 2020
        The Physiognomy ~ Jeffrey Ford (1997) fantasy (218 pgs)
Dark new fantasy tale. Different than anything else I’ve read, will try to find rest of the series.
        Out of Line, The Art of Jules Feiffer ~ Martha Fay (2015) biography, cartooning (269 pgs)
Great book with lots of samples of his life and career in comics, cartoons, theater and movies!
        Memoranda ~ Jeffrey Ford (1999) fantasy (262 pgs)
Second volume and even odder things happen, just going along for the weird ride!
        The Beyond ~ Jeffrey Ford (2001) fantasy (218 pgs)
Final volume of the trilogy, different and stronger writing, unexpected ending. Want to read more Ford!
        Matchless: A Christmas Story ~ Gregory Maguire (2009) short story (104 pgs)
Re-telling of Andersons "Little Match Girl", slight effort, only got into print based on Maguires other, stronger work.
        The Postmortal ~ Drew Magary (2011) novel (365 pgs)
Dark and depressing story of what would happen if people could suddenly live forever. Well done, but damn, it’s dark!
        Professor Gargoyle ~Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1 ~ Charles Gilman (2012) young adult (168 pgs)
Basic YA, doesn’t do much with the Lovecraft connection, trying for a new "Goosebumps" franchise, I guess.

    February 2020
        We Thought You Would Be Prettier ~ Laurie Notaro (2005) humor, essays (223 pgs)
Frequently laugh out loud material, dark humor, really enjoy her work.
        The Meaning of it All ~ Richard P. Feynman (1998) science essays (133 pgs)
More great almost stream-of-consciousness thoughts from a 1963 series of lecture by Feynman.
        The Asylum of Dr. Caligari ~ James Morrow (2017) fantasy (182 pgs)
Morrow filters WWI through an expressionist art lens, and his usual amazing originality of ideas.
        Egg & Spoon ~ Gregory Maguire (2014) novel (509 pgs)
Another wonderful fantasy tale, this time based around Russian folklore, from Maguire.

    March 2020
        Soon I Will Be Invincible ~ Austin Grossman (2007) novel (318 pgs)
What would it really be like to be a superhero, or supervillain? Clever novel of a world where they do exist.
        Life, God, and Other Small Topics ~ Eric Metaxas (ed) (2011) essays, religion (367 pgs)
Disappointing, mostly sets up strawmen to knock down about those who do not believe. Pascal’s Wager? Seriously?
        Zombie Spaceship Wasteland ~ Patton Oswalt (2011) essays, humor (267 pgs)
Wonderfully weird, twisted and brilliant writing from Patton— he even plays with the "About the Type" page!
        Outside the Dog Museum ~ Jonathan Carroll (1992) novel (304 pgs)
Carroll is always fascinating to read, though a bit disappointed at the abrupt ending, leaving much unresolved.
        Jesus on Mars ~ Philip Jose Farmer (1979) science fiction (256 pgs)
Farmer is always there with the high concept weirdness, but this one kind of just fell flat. Great title though!

    April 2020
        The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The World’s Most Astonishing Number ~ Mario Livio (2002) math, history (253 pgs)
I was lost with much of the math, but really enjoyed the historical portions of the book.
        The Stench of Honolulu ~ Jack Handey (2013) novel, humor (224 pgs)
High silliness maintained for an entire novel, who would have thought it could work? Short and amusing.
        Lincoln in the Bardo ~ George Saunders (2017) novel (350 pgs)
Unique and fascinating style of presentation, plus wonderful touching story. Saunders does not disappoint.

    May 2020
        Supreme Courtship ~ Christopher Buckley (2008) novel (285 pgs)
Another great satirical look at politics and governing in the USA. As reality gets weirder, Buckley has to work harder!
        Glass Soup ~ Jonathan Carroll (2005) novel, fantasy (317 pgs)
Sometimes I think he’s just making this up as he goes along. Kind of a disappointing ending, but what a ride!
        Bunnicula ~ Deborah and James Howe (1979) children’s book (98 pgs)
Great title, but very simplistic, even for a kid’s book. Reputation must be more for the title than the contents.
        Stranger Things Happen ~ Kelly Link (2001) short stories (266 pgs)
Another great collection of off-center, stranger and engrossing unclassifiable stories from Link. Want more!!
        Cheesus Was Here ~ J. C. Davis (2017) young adult novel (242 pgs)
Do miracles exist? Is there a god? YA novel manages to dance around and try to have it both ways. Disappointed.
        Going After Cacciato ~ Tim O’Brien (1978) novel (336 pgs)
Amazing anti-war war novel, both a page turner to follow plot, and lots to stop and think about throughout.
        Lies We Live By ~ Carl Hausman (2000) advertising (143 pgs))
Consumer advice on the tricks advertisers use to cover up the real costs of their “special” deals.

    June 2020
        Slapstick ~ Kurt Vonnegut (1976) novel (243 pgs) RE-READ
Lots of bits of good ideas here and there, but much left unexplored, ultimately disappointed it could have been better.
        An Invisible Sign of My Own ~ Aimee Bender (2000) novel (242 pgs)
Such a strange and fascinating lead character, leading such an odd world inside her head. Enjoyably different.
        When Santa Fell to Earth ~ Cornelia Funke (2006) children’s book (167 pgs)
Different take on Santa (there is more than one). It was okay, but nothing memorable.
        Cosmicomics ~ Italo Calvino (1965) novel (153 pgs) RE-READ
One of the best fantasy writers of all time, stories that no one else would even think of trying.
        God Is Not One ~ Stephen Prothero (2010) religion, history (342 pgs)
A look at the basics of the main 8 religions of the world, plus a gratuitous shot at atheism at the end.

    July 2020
        Mr. Palomar ~ Italo Calvino (1983) short stories (130 pgs) RE-READ
Close observations of the most mundane to the most cosmic. Always fantastic.
        Towing Jehovah ~ James Morrow (1994) novel, fantasy (371 pgs) RE-READ
Read so long ago, forgot most—what an amazingly wild novel!
        Bible Stories for Adults ~ James Morrow (1996) short stories (243 pgs) RE-READ
More brilliant satirical fantasy tales around the Bible from Morrow. Must read more!!
        Only Begotten Daughter ~ James Morrow (1990) novel, fantasy (312 pgs) RE-READ
Another fantastic re-read. Looks like I’m going to have to pull all his books out now!

    August 2020
        This Is the Way the World Ends ~ James Morrow (1986) novel, sf (319 pgs) RE-READ
Morrow always goes big, does not disappoint. The end of the world, and humans are on trial!

    September 2020
        The More Than Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide ~ Douglas Adams (1986) sf, humor (624 pgs) RE-READ
Omnibus collection of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe", "Life, the Universe & Everything" and "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish". The best freakin' sf-humor series ever written!

    October 2020
        Good Omens ~ Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (1990) fantasy, humor (354 pgs) RE-READ
Wonderful book from two masters. You know, I need to read all the Disc Worlds!
        Getting Even ~ Woody Allen (1971) essays, humor (151 pgs) RE-READ
Some more old school jokes, but still lots of clever parody and word play.
        The Martian Chronicles ~ Ray Bradbury (1950) science fiction (259 pgs) RE-READ
Classic collection of dark tales of Earth invading Mars. (1979 edition with great Ian Millers illustrations)
        Last Days of St. Saturn’s ~ Edmund Apffel (1981) novel (315 pgs) RE-READ
Odd tale of strange happenings to the strange folks at St. Saturn’s strange school for girls. Dark humor.

    November 2020
        Doubt: A History ~ Jennifer Michael Hecht (2003) history, religion (494 pgs) RE-READ
Excellent history of those who have doubted religions and gods through the ages.
        Hollow Earth: The Long and Curious History of Imagining Strange Lands, Fantastical Creatures, Advanced Civilizations, and Marvelous Machines Below the Earth's Surface ~ David Standish (2006) history, pseudo-science (289 pgs) RE-READ
Historical view of the whole hollow earth weirdness, covering both the fictional and the “real”. Great reference

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