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So many books, so little time. So, what the heck am I doing writing this interminable list when I should be READING???
Reading List 2001
23,122 pgs
Reading List 2002
20,767 pgs
Reading List 2003
24,050 pgs
Reading List 2004
21,653 pgs
Reading List 2005
24,846 pgs
Reading List 2006
21,436 pgs
Reading List 2007
22,268 pgs
Reading List 2008
30,900 pgs
Reading List 2009
29.878 pgs
Reading List 2010
23,946 pgs
Reading List 2011
24,133 pgs
Reading List 2012
22,319 pgs
Reading List 2013
22,412 pgs
Reading List 2014
21,248 pgs
Reading List 2015
19,081 pgs
Reading List 2016
14,060 pgs
Reading List 2017

    If you're curious, or simply nosey, this section is a listing of the books I've been reading lately. My reading habits tend to be all over the map as far as genre, and I also seem to have the retention ability of a screen door with the screens ripped out, and the door held open. So, more to the point, this list helps me to remember what books I've read so I don't end up buying them again. Wow, using the internet to store extra memory, how futuristic can you get?
     Now, enjoy! (Oh, and feel free to send me free books. No pressure, just a suggestion... )
~ 2017 ~

    January 2017
        Orange Is the New Blck ~ Piper Kerman (2011) memoir (302 pgs)
Insider view of life in women's prison system. Eye opening on how to survive, how the system is screwed up.
        Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain ~ A. Lee Martinez (2012) sf/fantasy/humor (293 pgs)
Fun and inventive little romp through the tropes of super-villainy by the always enjoyable Mr. Martinez
        The Extra Man ~ Jonathan Ames (1998) novel (366 pgs)
An odd couple for the new age, aging male “escort” and young man with some odd fetishes. Funny, and even touching.
        The Bride of Fu-Manchu ~ Sax Rohmer (1931) thriller, pulp (282 pgs)
One of the original Fu-Manchu novels. Fun quick-moving pulpy adventure-- lots of exclamation marks!!!

    February 2017
        Along Those Lines: The Boundaries That Create Our World ~ Peter Cashwell (2014) science, history (229 pgs)
Geography, music, politics, gender, science, arts-- so many things involve the idea of “lines” being drawn.
        They Eat Puppies, Don't They? ~ Christopher Buckley (2012) novel (334 pgs)
Political satire and dark humor, great characters and plot twists as usual from Buckley.
        Doc ~ Mary Doria Russell (2011) historical fiction (394 pgs)
Great re-telling, and correcting, of the myths of Doc Holliday, the Earp brothers, and others. Well-done characterizations.
        The Fuller Memorandum ~ Charles Stross (2010) horror (304 pgs)
Another adventure in the Lovecraftian-inspired darkness of the Laundry Files. Kick ass fun from Stross.
        Uganda Be Kidding Me ~ Chelsea Handler (2014) humor (255 pgs)
Some funny stuff, but after a while the drinking and bad behavior and arguing got tiring to read.
        Curse of the Thunder Jewel ~ Becky Burkheart (2013) fantasy (216 pgs)
Read in preparation for doing a new cover, think I can give it an interesting and eye-catching one.

    March 2017
        The Reproductive System ~ John Sladek (1968)
        The Muller-Fokker Effect~ John Sladek (1971)
        Tik-Tok~ John Sladek (1983) - 3 SF novels (total 480 pgs)
Omnibus collection of three of Sladek's weirdest, most surreal socially satirical sf novels. Truly, wonderfully twisted writing.
        I Love You More Than You Know ~ Jonathan Ames (2006) essays (267 pgs)
Low-key humorous essays from a writer who lays out all his personal twists for perusal.
        Arrival (previously Stories of Your Life and Others) ~ Ted Chiang (2002) sf short stories (281 pgs)
Wonderful collection of stories, loved the ones exploring ideas of “what if this aspect of religion was real” type.

    April 2017
        The Malice of Fortune ~ Michael Ennis (2012) novel (396 pgs)
Murder-mystery in the Renaissance. Interesting to read once, but nothing I'd go back to.
        The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry ~ Gabrielle Zevin (2014) novel (270 pgs)
Lovely, simply and directly told tale of somewhat cranky bookstore owner who finds he can share his life with others.

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