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It Is As Bad As You Think.... ... or Are they?
    "Frequently Asked", that is.
    One of the unwritten rules of website building appears to be "you must put up a FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, page." (The number one rule, of course, is "you must put up pictures of your cats.") But how often have you been on a website FAQ page and the very first question that comes to your mind is "Are these for real?"
    Well, to start things off here, I'll have to be making up most of these (most of them...) myself. But I would like to be as truthful as I can to the idea of the FAQ page, so I have two requests of everyone visiting this site:
    1. Send me some questions.(You can use the Contact Form)
    2. And, just as importantly, send them frequently.

Did you really draw all of this?
   Yes.   This question has come up often, and in the beginning I misunderstood the core of it. I thought, since it was addressed to me while surrounded by my artwork display, that people were somehow impressed by the volume of the work. It was Cindy who first realized that the emphasis was not so much on the "all" as on the "you". That is, that I work in several different styles, from realistic animal studies to cartoon characters to detailed fantasy creations, and some stuff in between. For people who have not had a lot of exposure to artists, it is easy to see why they might think the display was of the work of a number of different creators.
   But, while most artists do have a recognizable single style, many do, indeed, try different things, different approaches and ideas. Drawing the same idea over and over could get boring quick. Trying new ideas and styles is what keeps me eager to always get back to my drawing board.

Are you okay?
   Yes.   This has actually been phrased more as "Is he okay?", and been whispered quietly to my wife at least four times in the years we have been exhibiting my work at art festivals around the country. It is related to a single image I've created, Stalking Moon, and the sad case of British artist Louis Wain (1860-1939). You can find fuller details at various sites on the web, like this one, but in brief:
   Wain was an artist who made a specialty of doing images of fanciful cats dressed in human clothing, and engaging in human behavior. He became quite successful and well known both in Britain and America for this work. Unfortunately in his late fifties his commercial success began to decline at the same time he began to fall victim to late onset schizophrenia. His work changed from the fancifully realistic style to one where the outlines of the cats became more hard and spiky, with jagged lines and bright colors emanating almost like rays from their bodies. There are several pieces in particular made up of very angular and bright red colors, and it is those that have had people relating his work of that period to my Stalking Moon cat. I have to admit I really like these later pieces, they are amazing works of art. It's too bad they were created because of a breakdown of his conscious mental abilities.
   But I'm okay. Really, I am. Maybe a little anal retentive at times, but in a socially acceptable way. You can even make eye contact with me. Really. Go ahead. i dAre you....

Is it as bad as I think?
   Yes.   Maybe even more so, but I don't want to be the bearer of bad news.

Are they really out to get me?
   Yes.   In fact, it is only you they are out to get, so would you mind standing just a little further over away from me? Thanks.

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