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Greetings from Jabberwocky Graphix World Headquarters, putting the small into small press since 1975. Why, if you listen to our press agent, we almost invented the idea of an alternative publisher. But then, he is world famous for his hyperbole. (And also known to not even actually exist except in our fevered imaginations!) Irregardless of all that, we've been putting out a wide range of strange little publications for over a quarter of a century and we're still around, so we like to think we must be doing something right. The links below will take you to our five main subsets. (If you already know the title you're looking for, but not sure what category below it would be under, you can check the Alphabetical Title List to get directly to it.)

    Solo Brad Foster Publications The guy who puts this all together publishes a lot of his own work...if he doesn't, who will? Here's the full line of his collections and mini-comics,plus a couple of coloring books, by an award-winning artist who still can't seem to hold onto a full time job.
    Our Story Thus Far is up to three volumes now, with the work of 84 different artists, all working page by page on the ultimate artist jam book! Get full info on the issues, the story, and the artists involved....thus far!
    Stuff is the premiere anthology of small press and alternative comic artists and writers. Starting as a humble 8-page mini, it was soon up to thick 32 page collections. 20 issues are available with a huge range of contributors, read all about them here.
    Other Jabberwocky zines! Yes, there are still more weird and wonderful little comics and 'zines we've published! It's hard to categorize the uncategorizable, so just come in and browse around a bit, you're sure to find something you can't live without!
    Comics & 'zines from other publishers Hey, we're not snobs. Other folks have put out some good stuff, too. This section will change as we add items we find interesting, or simply have to clear out copies of to make more room here. Come by every month!     Adults-Only Comix & Things Variety is the spice of life, and we've got a few more "spicy" items available. But we'd prefer no one accidentally come across this if they don't want to, so when you click on this link, it will take you to our password-protected Adults Only section.If you are too young, or simply not interested, this is the only place you will see this link on this main site.

Brad's work as published through Jabberwocky Graphix Our Story Thus Far, the ULTIMATE artist jam! Everybody needs a little Stuff... And still MORE zines from Jabberwocky Graphix! We didn't print it, but it's still kinda interesting!'' Pubs for ADULTS ONLY, kids are not allowed into this section of the site!'
Solo Foster Projects ''Our Story Thus Far'' ''Stuff'' Other Jabberwocky zines! Other Publishers Adults-Only Comix & Things

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"Your Inner Robot" | FAQs | Artworks by Foster | Comics & Zines | Contact Info and Mail List | Order Forms

The Official Stuff! Jabberwocky Graphix.com, Brad W. Foster, all art, words, images and such like stuff contained anywhere and everywhere on this site are copyright Brad W Foster, who would really appreciate it if you didn't copy this stuff anywhere else without asking him about it first, since this is how he tries to makes a living, so if you like his stuff and want to see him create even more, you'll not spread around the stuff already done for free. How's that? You can always write Brad anytime at jabberwocky2000@hotmail.com with any questions. Oh, and you can click here for my thoughts on the whole copyright thing!