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Ralph the dragon says Hi, I'm going to keep an eye on you! Stalking Moon cat guarding the entrance to Jabberwocky Graphix!

Welcome to the Jabberwocky Graphix website, a constant work in progress!

Because there are so many prints available now, I've added something for those of you who are not sure which print you saw at the show, so don't know the title to look up. Just go to the Complete Prints Gallery in thumbnails page. It has, as the name says, a small thumbnail of every print I presently have available. Just click on the one you recognize and it will take you right to that page!

Of course, if you are looking for zines, or originals, or commissions, or any of the hundreds of other things on this site, you'll have to work through the links deeper into the site. The main sections are all listed at the top and bottom of each page, and visual links in the middle of pages will take you to other subsets. Have fun exploring! As always, using the Site Map Flow Chart is one of the best ways to find your way around the site now, as it literally shows you, in visual format, every single page on the site, and gives you a direct link to most of them.

Or, if you're totally lost, you can always write me at jabberwocky2000@hotmail.com with any questions, and I'll be glad to direct you to the exact page or pages you need on the site. Seriously, it's my pleasure to help.

We accept all these payment options, see more info in three choices listed below.

I am pleased I have been able to keep the schedule always updated whenever I add a new show or convention to my plans. I have also added in more information on my weird new twist on doing caricatures, "Your Inner Robot", and I'm sure you'll find you must get one done not just for yourself, but for all your family and friends as well.

I've not had a lot of time for the fine tuning I want to complete on the site since the last burst of activity earlier this year, so work on both the Alphabetical Index and the Full Site Index is still not completed. I have managed to add several hundred new entries in my "Works In Print" section, and am hoping to have that completed and up to date by the end of the year. Oh, and some pictures of my toy robots, and some more odd cartoons, and, and, and... well, just a lot of big plans.

And still working on getting an on-site search engine option along with the various index lists mentioned above. Even as I add more to the site, my goal is to make it easier and easier to find things on it. But for the moment, everything IS on the site you might be looking for, so check it out. You can always write me if you have any questions or need help, either direct email or using the handy Contact Info and Mail List

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There are still dozens and dozens of pages to go. The easiest way to find out what is up on the site is to click on the Site Map link.

Since there is a lot still to be done, you can write me directly at jabberwocky2000@hotmail.com (put something like "Saw the Jab Website" in the subject line so you don't get lost in all the junk mail!) and let me know what you'd like to see next, or feel could be done better, etc. etc.

Just like my dot-by-dot pen and ink art, I'm a hands-on kind of guy, and I'm writing this entire site myself, doing the code in Notepad (That's web writing old school!!) So if changes and additions come slowly here, bear in mind it's all being done by one guy... the same one who is still trying to create new artwork, get new illustration jobs, and bopping around the country selling work at various art festivals.

If you'd like to get an email notice when new content is added to the site, again, just write and let me know you're interested. There's lots more to come, so just check back in every week or so and watch this grow from one page to hundreds.

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"Your Inner Robot" | FAQs | Artworks by Foster | Comics & Zines | Contact Info and Mail List | Order Forms

The Official Stuff! Jabberwocky Graphix.com, Brad W. Foster, all art, words, images and such like stuff contained anywhere and everywhere on this site are copyright Brad W Foster, who would really appreciate it if you didn't copy this stuff anywhere else without asking him about it first, since this is how he tries to makes a living, so if you like his stuff and want to see him create even more, you'll not spread around the stuff already done for free. How's that? You can always write Brad anytime at jabberwocky2000@hotmail.com with any questions. Oh, and you can click here for my thoughts on the whole copyright thing!